Farm Safety


AgDraft is proactive and encourages employers to provide a safe work environment for all workers they engage.

AgDraft, in consultation with Read Consulting Group (farm work health and safety adviser), can provide key resources to help employers establish safety and induction processes that assist in reducing the risk of workplace injuries. A safe workplace can enhance productivity, add value and reduce costs for your business.

Work Health Safety (WHS) Policy Template

A WHS policy is a short statement from a business showing their commitment to their worker’s health and safety.

Toolbox Safety Meeting Template

Toolbox safety meetings are a way of consulting with your workers – a requirement under the WHS Act. Safety talks advise workers of existing or potential dangers to their health and safety and reinforce the message that the business health and safety issues are important to both the employers and the workers.

Risk Assessment Form

The aim of the risk assessment process is to remove a hazard or reduce the level of its risk by adding precautions or control measures, as necessary. By doing so, you have created a safer and healthier workplace.

Employee Induction Checklist

Inductions are an opportunity to familiarise new employees with the farm layout, hazards and risks, policies and processes of the farm business.

Incident Injury Reporting Form

Under the WHS Act it is a requirement that employers keep information and records relating to the health and safety of the employees, including incidents. Employers must also notify their WorkCover Authority about serious injuries/illnesses and dangerous occurrences.

Please note:

these resources are to be used as a guide to assist you in meeting the WHS Act for your jurisdiction. They do not qualify you as having met requirements under WHS state laws, regulations, codes of practice and Australian standards, please see the WHS governing body in your jurisdiction for further details.