Our Review & Recommendation System


AgDraft’s review system is based on good old fashioned word-of-mouth. We know that it’s farmers who know their workers the best, so we’ve made sure there’s a way they can spread the word. In turn, workers can also rate their experience with farmers.

We suggest all workers begin their AgDraft profile with a reference check from a previous employer. As workers and employers continue to connect through the AgDraft platform they can build their online profiles. After each job we ask the employer to rate the worker and the worker to rate the employee.

Our first-of-its-kind system helps farmers gain trust in who they’re hiring. We know time is precious, so we want AgDraft employers to know just that little bit more about their worker before they arrive on farm. By finding the right-fitting worker, first time, every time, jobs simply get done faster.

The system also gives assurance to workers. Having read reviews of an employer, a worker will find their feet more quickly and easily in a new role, especially if they’re from outside of the region, industry or country.

It’s our way of creating a transparent and trusted hiring platform for agriculture.