AgDraft Testimonials

Thanks for putting me in touch with (the position) as it was exactly what I was looking for. Your website found exactly the role I was looking for at the right time and your personal assistance was well appreciated.

Rohan Williams

Agri Pilot Orange

AgDraft has created a simple and effective market place for farm labour. I will definitely use this service again.

Charlie Perry

Trent Bridge Partnership, Armidale

Very quick feedback on prospective employees

Julie Dye

Kentucky Pty Ltd

User Reviews

Reviews worker have given to Farmer after being employed on their farms

Very good time working here and i enjoyed my time. If the chance ever comes up again i will be back. Everything they said that would happen or be supplied. Happened and was supplied. We where under the pump a lot. But still got shown how to do things properly. Learnt a lot and was a good experience

Review by Ryan Jellesma


Very friendly hard working Australian farmers. This family trio consisting of father Lou and sons Lewis and Peter have been a joy to work for. I have done all aspects of farming with them, from using machinery to watering crops. The Grech farmers also explain the concept of farming to you so not only are you working but your learning too.

Review by Gareth Williams


Very well organised good friendly people willing to help you when needed. I learned alot about operation of the machines very easy going friendly environment.

Review by Scott Sloan


Reviews farm employers have given to workers who have been employed on their farms

An absolute pleasure to have Pierre as part of the family – We would have him back anytime!

Review by Julie Taylor


Ben looked after the farm for a week. He monitored water, shifted stock and feed cattle. He did a bloody good job and would recommend him any time.

Review by Charlie Perry


Lachie worked really well as part of our team he was able to work unsupervised without trouble. He was an excellent operator and would recommend him to anybody

Review by Owen McNair